Welcome to the Club

Welcome to the A-Series website design. This is one from our range of ClubOnline web designs. The purpose of these designs is:

  • To enable you to get online quickly with minimum fuss
  • To provide modern website designs to smaller clubs while still rendering well on screens of all sizes from desktop to smartphone
  • To provide our ClubFriend service to integrate with social media for both following you and sharing your content
  • To provide a ClubCalendar service to promote your events, both from the menu and the calendar in the right-hand panel (try clicking on the event in the calendar on this page – bottom right)
  • To provide the ClubNews service to tell your members/visitors what is happening within your club and the classic community as a whole
  • To provide a ClubGallery service to put up your photos
  • To provide ClubInfo and ClubContact pages to put your information about your club.

To offer these websites at this price point, there are a few considerations that we need to bring to your attention:

  • Your club logo must be readily available┬áto replace the ‘A-Series’ above
  • Your club colours/branding must be readily available to use to brand the website
  • You need to specify your preferred font, or the default will be used
  • Your social media URLs must be made available
  • You must appoint a single person who has the authority to make decisions
  • Access is provided to your existing hosting provider
  • You will enter all content
  • There will be no further customisations